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I'm Chris Elving, and I'm a geek with a web site. Additionally, I'm:

  • living in Sunnyvale, CA
  • Canadian
  • Christian
  • an inoffensive shade of pink
  • a Googler
  • an escaped Amazonian
  • a former Netflix employee
  • a former Sun Microsystems employee
  • a one-time contributor to the Netscape Enterprise Server iPlanet Web Server Sun ONE Web Server Sun Java System Web Server Open Web Server Oracle iPlanet Web Server Oracle Traffic Director
  • author of the AlphaServe/2 FTP server for OS/2
  • co-author of the WarpMedia OS/2 media player
  • one of the authors of the real Canadian Superstore's OS/2-based point of sale system
  • a graduate of the University of Calgary Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • a lapsed OS/2 user
  • a former Solaris user
  • a former Debian GNU/Linux user
  • an Ubuntu user
  • a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Doctor Who, The X-Files, Futurama, and NSAPI filters
  • an EFnet idler
  • newly single
  • 36 years old
  • from Coquitlam, BC

Feel free to drop me a line at chris@elving.com.  

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Chris Elving
Chris Elving
Chris Elving
Chris Elving
Chris Elving